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by Jason on January 30, 2019

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If you think Ted’s Woodworking might be a scam, why not take it for a test drive and download 50 free woodworking plans.

It is critical to review all feedback about a product or service before purchasing it today. There are plenty of scams out there which are trying to take your hard-earned cash.

Some might say that Ted’s Woodworking is a scam. A simple Internet search will find plenty of websites devoted to the notion that the entire premise of this product is false. Then you will find others who gush about the numerous products they created because of the step-by-step plans offered by Ted’s Woodworking. Some sites even show off the finished products or provide videos showing people who follow the instructions they received after purchase.

It seems like there is a vast gulf between those who appreciate or support Ted’s Woodworking and those who do not. Let’s take a realistic review of the product to address those concerns.

Let’s Talk About Ted’s Woodworking Plans

Ted’s Woodworking promotes an inventory of 16,000 plans that you gain immediate access to when you purchase access to the community. Going through to count every single project that is available takes an enormous amount of time.

They might be a little short on their claim. The business behind the plans might go a little over. Like most companies with an inventory figure like this, it’s likely a rounding up of the overall number.

What you will discover is that there are lots – and lots – of plans from which to choose. When you consider the price at which you gain access to them, the value is indeed there.

It’s a challenge to find this level of access through a similar provider.

And yes – you can find some of the woodworking plans that are available through this service if you do some digging on your own. That doesn’t change the benefit of the service.

If you want to have a community where the best woodworking plans to use are right at your fingertips, then this product makes sense.

Should you prefer to look for this information on your own, you might save some money in doing so – but would you save as much time?

That’s a question that only you can answer.

Can Anyone Complete the Woodworking Plans?

One of the most significant marketing pushes that you’ll find from Ted’s Woodworking is that your skill level doesn’t matter. If you have a few tools and the DIY know-how to put some stuff together, then you can follow what this community offers.

Although there are some plans which require some research on the part of beginners to understand the terminology or illustrations used, the average person can follow along with the instructions offered for the various projects. You will find numerous options are perfect for beginners.

There are enough options for advanced woodworkers to keep them engaged in projects as well.

It’s a healthy balance between helping a novice woodworker to learn the craft while encouraging experts to have some fun.

Isn’t It Illegal to Sell Plans That Others Have Created?

Ted’s Woodworking does take several of their plans from other publications.

Other reviewers have noted in the past that sources include magazines, books, universities, and other woodworking websites.

There are three elements to consider when looking at this structure.

  • Are some of the plans in the public domain?
  • Does Ted’s Woodworking pay for licenses which allow for distribution?
  • Is this a compilation product sold with permission?

The legality of what Ted’s Woodworking is doing is better left to the attorneys. Some reviewers attempt to draw a moral conclusion that this community is a scam by trying to argue the ethics of this product.

This community has been around for more than a decade selling access to an accumulated grouping of woodworking plans that can help you explore your passion for woodworking. A money-back option also guarantees it.

If others wish to be indignant about the structure of this business, then that is their business. That doesn’t mean it is a scam, no matter how loudly someone might yell that it is so.

There is also a DMCA takedown request option if someone feels that their rights have been infringed upon in some way.

What About the Address Offered by Ted’s Woodworking?

Those who like to point out that Ted’s Woodworking is a possible scam is that the contact information provided by the organization behind the plans seems to be incorrect. According to the Better Business Bureau, there is no such address as 219 Tama St. in Slater, Iowa.

It doesn’t take much detective work to pull up Google Maps for this small town of about 1,500 people in Story County. You will discover that the community looks much like every other in Smalltown America. The lawns are green, flags are flying from poles and porches, and there isn’t a stoplight to be found.

We pulled up the Google street view for Tama Street between 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue in Slater. It is clearly a residential neighborhood. Although there isn’t an exact address match, there are four potential properties which fit the description.

Masking personal information isn’t uncommon in today’s world. Using pseudonyms and redirections to protect one’s privacy, even when operating a business, does happen.

That’s why virtual offices were created in the first place. These structures offer business owners who want an element of privacy to stay that way without making their business seem illegitimate.

Ted’s Woodworking now bases their operations out of one such site in Austin, Texas.

What Is the Conclusion About Ted’s Woodworking?

It is understandable as to why some people would point out various elements of the business structure with Ted’s Woodworking because there is the potential of some red flags there. As with any business opportunity, it is up to you to perform your due diligence on the companies and products that interest you.

Ted’s Woodworking is no exception to that rule.

We found the plans to be useful. The information offered through the community was helpful.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to start pursuing the art of woodworking, you could spend more and get less through other communities. Ted’s Woodworking is the best we have found by far.

Start your research today. Then make your own decision.

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