6 Resources for Woodworkers

by Jason on February 2, 2019

If you’re starting to explore the art of woodworking through the plans of Ted’s Woodworking and other local resources, then it is essential that you continue to work on this hobby. Working with wood is a talent that some people have, but with these online resources that you can use with the plans you wish to complete, it can also become a skill that anyone can learn.

#1. Wood Magazine

This resource will guide you through the terminology and visual instructions that are sometimes found on woodworking plans. There are tool reviews to read here as well, helping you to source the best options to add to your garage or shop. It offers templates and a daily piece of advice that can be helpful too. There are dozens of how-to articles to read if you’re just getting started, so make sure to review this site frequently to expand your knowledge base.

#2. Fundamentals of Woodworking

You will find several specific techniques covered by this online resource that will help to take your woodworking to the next level. It offers you in-depth instructions from masters who have perfected their skills so you can start carving or turning like a pro in no time at all. Think of this website as a “second opinion” if you are unsure of how to process with the woodworking plans you’re trying to follow.

#3. Popular Woodworking

This online resource works to enhance your techniques to ensure the woodworking projects you follow come out as expected. There are several product reviews for you to see, techniques for you to try, and expert advice that will answer most of the questions that beginners have when they first start the process of making some sawdust.

#4. Workshop Companion

Use this resource if you’re thinking about taking a formal class on woodworking to enhance your skills. You can find local programs at community colleges, woodworking schools, and general information about how you can take your efforts to the next level. Even if you prefer the DIY approach, the various forums you can find here are a nice complement to what you can learn from Ted’s Woodworking.

#5. AFB

Vision Aware might offer resources for those who are visually challenged, but they also provide you with links that can help you complete everyday tasks better from a woodworking perspective. There are guides available on completing simple carpentry projects, how to repair furniture, and organizational tips that help to keep your shop or garage in good working order.

#6. Woodworker’s Resource

This website offers access to several instructional videos that can help you understand the instructions that your woodworking plans ask you to complete. You can download PDFs that show you how to organize your approach to a project. There are even ideas available through this resource that can help you to bring your love of woodworking to your kids.

Woodworking requires you to keep pushing yourself forward. You must keep learning and practicing if you want the sawdust you create to mean something. If you feel stuck on a plan without answers, then choose resources like these to find a meaningful solution.

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