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by Jason on January 31, 2019

You can click here to get your 50 free woodworking plans.

Are You Tired of Following Incomplete Woodworking Plans?

If you like building things with your own two hands, then you’ve likely encountered a problem at one time or another with the woodworking plans you were following.

Woodworking plans are notoriously incomplete. You might be missing instructions, diagrams, or an explanation as to where specific hardware items should go. It’s like having “some assembly required,” then not providing what is necessary for the work you’re doing.

You might be missing the cut sheets, which means you’re stuck trying to guess what materials are necessary to complete the woodworking project.

The woodworking plans might be missing specific steps for you to follow or provide inaccurate dimensions for the various pieces.

Some woodworking plans don’t even match up with the item you’re trying to put together.

You could settle for the free woodworking plans offered on some websites, but you can still encounter these same problems there too.

That’s what makes woodworking harder than it needs to be.

Is There a Solution to this Woodworking Problem?

The best woodworking projects should invite anyone, with any skill level, to embrace the love that comes when you make something yourself.

Because of how poorly many plans are drawn up, aspiring hobbyists – and even some professionals – decide to pursue different DIY skills because they’re fed up with the frustration.

It should not be an expectation that you already know everything there is to know about woodworking to complete a woodworking project. Most people are not master woodworkers.

That’s why you should get to know Ted’s Woodworking. With over 16,000 different woodworking plans available for you to pursue, each with the details you need to find success, there is no better way to embrace your woodworking talents.

Here is why this collection of woodworking plans is worth the investment.

  • You receive specificity. Each plan provides you with the steps, measurements, and descriptions necessary to complete each project.
  • You get all the critical information. There is no expectation that you should fill in the gaps because there is no assumption of experience made.
  • You use practical tools. Most woodworkers don’t have a large shop or industrial machines to support their work.
  • You receive thorough instructions. You can understand what you’re supposed to do because the woodworking jargon is left behind.

Whether you’re thinking about woodworking for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro, you will discover that the comprehensive collection offered by Ted’s Woodworking will help you find a love for this craft once again.

Why Choose Ted’s Woodworking For Woodworking Plans?

Here’s how Ted’s Woodworking works.

You’ll receive the 16,000+ woodworking plans available to you right away when you join this community. That allows you to become productive immediately.

You can build picnic tables, bed frames, Adirondack chairs, and much more at home with these plans, even if all you have are simple hand or power tools to use.

The list of potential woodworking projects you could complete in the first month with these plans is too numerous to list on its own.

Your purchase of the collection from Ted’s Woodworking includes lifetime access to a membership area where new monthly plans become available too. You can even request a custom plan if what you want to build is not currently available.

Additional Woodworking Resources You Receive

You’ll receive access to several additional DIY woodworking resources when you join the Ted’s Woodworking community.

  • A CAD and DWG plan viewer which allows you to modify plans as needed.
  • 150+ premium woodworking videos to further your knowledge.
  • Complete guides which offer master-level tips to enhance your skills.
  • A business book to help you discover how to make money selling what you make.

The goal with this program is to help you embrace the love you have for woodworking in a way that other plans and programs do not provide. Your success is the top priority.

There are no recurring fees with this access. It does not have an expiration date. That means you will find it easy to complete all of your favorite woodworking projects at a fraction of the cost that you’d encounter at the average retailer.

If you’re unsure of the value this collection offers to your woodworking skills, then take advantage of the 60-day risk-free trial for this collection. You’ll receive your money back, no questions asked, if this resource doesn’t provide you with an opportunity to build something incredible with your own two hands.

Download the plans offered by Ted’s Woodworking today to take advantage of this tremendous resource. Join a community of like-minded woodworkers who love to make some sawdust. This investment could be the beginning of a brand-new journey.

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