5 Best Places to Find Wood for Woodworking

by Jason on January 31, 2019

Your woodworking projects will be as good as the wood that you use to create them. You can follow the best plans in the world to the letter, only to find yourself let down by some substandard lumber.

That is why knowing where the best places to find wood for your woodworking projects is essential knowledge.

Here are some ideas to help get you started.

#1. Wood Finder

This website works for anyone based in the United States who is looking for a particular wood type. Use the keyword search tool on the home page to look for specific lumber, specialty wood, or even veneer for your woodworking project. Then enter your zip code. You’ll receive the closest providers of the products or services you require in return. Take that information to start your shopping process.

#2. Lumber Yards

If you have a choice between a national chain store and a local lumber yard, then choose the latter every time. The personalized services you’ll receive from woodworkers like you will help to take your project to the next level. You will also find that the quality of the wood tends to be a little better because it isn’t stacked in mass quantities. Expect to pay a bit more for this option, but then think of it as an investment in your woodworking plans.

#3. Landscapers

Landscaping companies and tree service agencies often cut down branches (if not whole trees) that could be processed into the lumber you need for your woodworking plans. These companies will often chip the debris to create a saleable product. If you can offer them a fair price that eliminates this extra labor step, you might find an excellent haul waiting for you. This wood will be green, so make sure to follow the seasoning process before working on your project.

#4. Sawmills

If you have a sawmill somewhere near your home, then you have a precious commodity. Because you’re purchasing lumber without vendors or distributors getting a cut of the retail price, the savings can be enormous. The lumber you receive from the mill will usually be of superior quality as well. Some may even offer to plane the wood for you if you pay the right price.

#5. Online Providers

There are online companies that will sell woodworking supplies and lumber if you don’t have any local resources to use. Companies like Amazon or Woodworkers Source will guarantee the quality of your lumber, so you can return items which don’t make it through the shipping process. If you want something a little more exotic for your project, like American Black Walnut, then this is the best option to choose.

Sourcing the best possible lumber and wood products for the plans you want to complete will help you turn a fun project into a fantastic one. Use these options to locate the inventory you need at a price your budget likes to ensure that you can start woodworking today with high-quality items.

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